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Yasser Elshantaf

PhoenixBird is a value-driven organization, we pride ourselves on our adaptability, responsiveness and industry expertise.

We pledge to our clients to proactively find solutions today for tomorrow’s challenges. In doing so, we endeavor to earn our clients’ trust, respect and loyalty. Our goal is to make available to the public the amazing technology, which can make their lives better. Through innovation, technical excellence and a constant drive to improve service levels.


PhoenixBird has earned a reputation for paying attention to the needs of customers. our vision is to continue to build upon its impressive track record of performance and portfolio of investments Worldwide, in order to develop globally competitive private sector business.


We are now totally focused on our customers and on providing them with total IT solutions and Consultancy Services that, with our region, only we can provide given our technical expertise and experience. We strongly believe that our customers are our partners and any success would rely heavily on team work and a shared vision.

This new direction will allow us to focus on more challenging projects of regional interest that require exceptional technical prowess.


I would like to welcome any questions or comments you may have, regarding our company, services or products.


Our “Delivery-Vision”® methodology guarantees clients quality, promptness, and cost efficiency. It's empowers our clients with complete control of the project lifecycle.


The project lifecycle begins with an onsite PhoenixBird core-team working together with the client's developers and business analysts. The onsite team, which can be located on the client's premises, synergizes with the client’s developers and analysts to determine functionality and specifications of the final product.


Yasser Elshantaf