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Cloud Carrier-grade RTWIP Network

The carrier-grade RTWIP is a wireless broadband infrastructure that offers a high-speed internet access to all public and business users. This technology designed to deliver superior capacity, communication reliability, resiliency, security and scalability without relying on any expensive connectivity infrastructure.

Advantages of the RTWIP technology compared to existing state?

- Scalability: RTWIP technology is easy to extend and implement especially in situations where wired access connectivity is too expensive or impractical due to geographical conditions.


- Affordability: Using the RTWIP technology can eliminate the cost complexity of installing wired infrastructure (fiber optics/wires) between buildings or objects. Moreover, because wired infrastructure is not required, our technology can be set up faster to provide high-speed internet services.


- Mobility: RTWIP technology allows mobile devices (indoor/outdoor) to connect to the internet wirelessly.


- Green technology: RTWIP is not dependent upon regular/continuous power sources. Utilizing green power options the user does not require a traditional router to connect. This means that even in the absence or electrical power the user may still connect to the system.


Moreover, the RTWIP network is not limited by political restriction as it relies on unlicensed spectrum (2.4/5Ghz).



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